As a professional China Stainless-Steel-Cable-Tie-Tensioner manufacturers and suppliers, Woma Tools has its own factory. The performance, service life and ergonomics of our products differentiates Woma from the competition. We take a rigorous approach to the details of every product, from design, to validation, to evaluating feedback from customers. That's why we use particularly high-quality materials and modern production technology.
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Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun

WOMA Tools’s quality Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun is the ideal way to reduce pressure in heavy-duty cable applications. This manual tie tool features tightening and automatic cutting functions, and includes a bottom adjustment knob to adjust the tightening force. The high-strength precision tooth design is made from special steel and has been quenched for increased durability. Operating this tool is simple: first, insert the free end of the installed cable tie into the jaws, and once tightened to a certain force, the tail end will automatically be cut off. This tool is perfect for long-term comfortable and precise operations. When using this Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun, customers can expect high-quality service and professional technical support from Yueqing Woma Tools Co., Ltd.

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