DuPont Connector Crimping Pliers

DuPont Connector Crimping Pliers

WOMA Tools manufactures the SN-28B DuPont Connector Crimping Pliers, which are suitable for crimping non-insulated open barrel and OEM terminals. They are particularly well-suited for servo lead connectors and some other RC crimping connectors. The crimping tool has three double-crimp stations, which can simultaneously crimp the wire and insulation in one action. The open barrel crimping tool will not release until uniform crimping is completed or the quick release lever is triggered to ensure a perfect crimp.

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Product Description

WOMA Tools aims to be your best partner in China and offers the SN-28B DuPont Connector Crimping Pliers in red and blue colors. They are suitable for 3.96mm, 2.54mm, and 2.5mm pitch DuPont and JST XH VH connectors with AWG 18-28 wires.

The following are some of the features of the SN-28B DuPont Connector Crimping Pliers:

● Usage: The SN-28B open barrel crimping tool is designed to crimp non-insulated open barrel and OEM terminals, and is particularly well-suited for servo lead connectors and some other RC crimping connectors.

● Capacity: 0.1-1.0mm2, AWG 28-18. Suitable for 2.5mm, 2.54mm, and 3.96mm pitch terminals, usually JST VH, XH, NH pins, and Dupont 2.54mm connectors.

● Application: Used to connect wires on rechargeable battery packs, battery balancers, battery eliminator circuits, 3D printers, and radio-controlled servo systems.

● Thanks to precision molds and integral locks (self-releasing mechanism), the crimping quality is repeatable and high. With a 20° angled head and ratcheting crimping tool, the best non-solder electrical connections are guaranteed.

● VH 3.96mm pitch 22-16AWG; RE 2.54mm pitch 30-24AWG; EH 2.50mm pitch 32-22AWG; XA 2.50mm pitch 30-20AWG; XH 2.5mm pitch 30-20AWG.

Specifications of our DuPont Connector Crimping Pliers


Range of Application






Non-Insulated tabs and receptacles



1-1.5 mm2





Non-Insulated tabs and receptacles

0.5/1/1.5 mm2





Non-Insulated tabs and receptacles

1.0/2.5 mm2




WOMA Tools DuPont Connector Crimping Pliers JST Applications

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