Heavy Duty Copper Terminal Crimping Pliers

Heavy Duty Copper Terminal Crimping Pliers

Yueqing Woma Tools Co., Ltd is a factory that specializes in producing various types of manual and electric tools and accessories, including Heavy Duty Copper Terminal Crimping Pliers. These pliers are designed for non-welding, standard electrical connections and have several features that make them stand out. The precision mouth mold is made from SCM-40 ultra-hard tool steel, which ensures a long lifespan, and the aperture size allows for excellent crimping results. With these heavy-duty pliers, you can achieve reliable and secure electrical connections that meet industry standards.


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Product Description

The Heavy Duty Copper Terminal Crimping Pliers are designed for crimping hexagonal-shaped bare terminals. Made of high-quality carbon steel, they are durable and wear-resistant, ensuring a long service life. The crimping head is also hexagonal, ensuring better crimping quality. With a rotating and adjustable jaw, the pliers can be used for terminals with a range of sizes, including 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, and 50mm2. The long-handle design and lever principle make crimping easier and more effortless. The PVC material of the non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip and reduces hand fatigue, while the ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use. Multiple similar tools are available to meet various customer requirements.

WOMA Tools Heavy Duty Copper Terminal Crimping Pliers has the following advantages:

● Suitable for crimping bare terminals (resulting in a hexagonal shape after crimping)

● Made of high-quality carbon steel plate with high strength and good wear resistance

● The jaw can be rotated and adjusted to fit 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, and 50mm2 terminals.

● The crimping head adopts a hexagonal shape to ensure better crimping quality.

● The long handle design uses the principle of leverage to make crimping easier and more effortless.

● The anti-slip handle is made of PVC material, which is comfortable to the touch, saves strength, and improves the user experience.

● The grip conforms to ergonomics to ensure comfort during long-term operation.

● Multiple models of similar tools are available and can be selected according to requirements.

Specifications of our Heavy Duty Copper Terminal Crimping Pliers


Range of Application

Capacity mm2

Length (mm)

Weigth (kg)



BS Stand type terminals






BS Stand type terminals





BS Stand type terminals





BS Stand type terminals




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