As a professional China E-type-Terminal-Crimping-Pliers manufacturers and suppliers, Woma Tools has its own factory. The performance, service life and ergonomics of our products differentiates Woma from the competition. We take a rigorous approach to the details of every product, from design, to validation, to evaluating feedback from customers. That's why we use particularly high-quality materials and modern production technology.
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E Type Terminal Crimping Pliers

E Type Terminal Crimping Pliers

Yueqing Woma Tools Co. Ltd provides high-quality E Type Terminal Crimping Pliers (square crimping profile) for non-welding electrical connections. You can adjust the size of the terminal sleeve (ferrule) by yourself, and the operation is very simple. We apply the lever principle, which effectively reduces fatigue during operation, while the lightweight shape and weight provide you with very high operating comfort. How to choose a hexagonal or square crimping curve? Both hexagonal and square crimping can provide stable connections on the ferrule of the terminal sleeve. Square crimping is more suitable for rectangular shapes, and hexagonal crimping is more suitable for circular shapes. This depends on the type of terminal you are using.

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