Working Principle of Heavy duty Hydraulic Cable Cutters


Heavy duty hydraulic cable cutters are tools that cut cables using hydraulic force. They are used to cut cables of various diameters and materials. The working principle of the cutter is as follows: the cutting head is installed, and the hydraulic pump station is started manually or electrically. High-pressure liquid enters the hydraulic oil pipe, and the hydraulic force is transmitted to the cutting head through the high pressure oil pipe. The cutting blade clamps the cable and applies sufficient force to cut it. It is suitable for various maintenance and installation operations.

Because hydraulic oil is incompressible and conductive, it can transmit greater force and torque through the hydraulic system. Therefore, heavy-duty hydraulic cable cutters can cut cables quickly and accurately. Some heavy duty hydraulic cable cutters also have manual or electrically operated functions, which can be selected as needed. They are also usually equipped with cutting heads of various diameters to adapt to different cable specifications. Before use, the appropriate cutting head should be selected according to the diameter and material of the cable, and the hydraulic system should be ensured to be in normal working condition. Therefore, it can also reduce the risk of human fatigue and hand injury, while improving work efficiency and safety.

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