What are Stripping Tools?


Stripping tools are specialized pliers or wire cutters that are designed to remove the insulation from a wire or cable without damaging the metal conductor. Stripping tools are commonly used in electrical applications to allow for better electrical conductivity and mechanical attachment. There are several different types of stripping tools, including manual strippers, automatic strippers, and adjustable strippers.

Manual Strippers - These strippers are the simplest and most affordable type. They consist of a pair of spring-loaded cutting blades that are manually controlled with the help of a pair of handles. Manual strippers are commonly used for wires and cables with a diameter of up to 12 AWG.

Automatic Strippers - These strippers use a self-adjusting mechanism to strip wires automatically. One of the biggest advantages of an automatic stripper is that it saves time and is less likely to cause damage to the wire.

Adjustable Strippers - These strippers are adjustable and allow the user to set the blade depth and stripping length. Adjustable strippers are ideal for stripping wires that are difficult to access, such as those in tight spaces.

In conclusion, stripping tools are an essential tool for anyone working with electrical components. They allow you to expose the metal conductor on a wire or cable and create a connection point without damaging the wire. With a variety of strippers available, it's important to select the right tool for the job to ensure that you can work safely and efficiently.

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