Structure of crimping pliers


Crimping pliers are tools used for connecting and pressing wires in the construction and maintenance of basic lines in the power industry. The structure of the crimping pliers consists of oil tanks, power mechanisms, directional valves, pressure reducing valves, pump oil, and other mechanisms.

Before using the crimping pliers, it is necessary to check whether the pressed terminals are consistent with the connected wires. Then, select the mold to use based on the pressed terminals, and install the selected mold into the piston and fixed mold seat of the crimping pliers. Finally, according to the direction of screw tightening, repeatedly operate and rotate the handle in your hand, tighten the switch until the upper and lower molds touch, If you continue to rotate the handle after touching the upper and lower molds, just return in the opposite direction as before.

Wire crimping pliers are tools used in the construction of the power industry to connect copper and aluminum wires, as well as steel core aluminum stranded wires. There are many types of wire crimping pliers in the market. Before purchasing, it is necessary to first understand the function and type of wire crimping pliers, and then choose a suitable wire crimping pliers based on actual needs. Otherwise, not only will it not achieve the desired effect, but it may even leave safety hazards.

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